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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:04:38 -1000 (HST)
Subject: newsletter for July 1998 =============================================================
Number 25 The HOL o' Gram July 1998
============================================================ VOICE OF PLANET HAWAII See the web version of the newsletter at IN THIS ISSUE... 1. NETWORKS AND SERVICES. Update on the move 2. NEW AT GST V.90, the new modem standard 3. ONE CUSTOMER'S COMMENTS ABOUT GST Cathy Zadel gives GST a high mark for service. 4. ON THE PLANET Classic Aloha Vacations - what a story! 5. ALOHA.NET THIS MONTH Oahu Pictured at Driving Psychology at (driving yourself crazy) 6. MAUI TURNING BACK THE SKY on Magic Island 7. SOME VERY GOOD REASONS To have your web site hosted on Planet Hawaii 8. A TIP ABOUT BILLING Could save you time. 9. TELL US YOUR STORY We're looking for good content. . . . . . . . . . . . Technical Support Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A N Y T I M E . . . . . . . . . . . ..........................1-888-GST-NET9............................. ...Email for billing: .........Billing department hours: Mon - Fri 8 am to 4:30 pm......... ...................1-800-800-9771, Fax 1-888-800-9779................ Welcome to the GST Hawaii OnLine newsletter. Our goal is to keep you up to date with our network/service improvements and to help you get the most out of the Internet. We will feature web sites that are hosted on Planet Hawaii and that offer information of interest to our Internet subscribers. Please email your comments to Thanks. 1. Adding to GST's network On the weekend of June 6th and June 7th, GST moved all Internet servers to the GST switching facility to provide increased reliability and performance for GST's Internet services. Currently we've got 8 T-1s to the mainland with plans for 2 ANS T-1s by August. As you may have experienced, GST's news server was difficult to access for a time following the move. It was necessary to reboot the news server, and as a result, the news spool was erased. This is typical of a news server reboot. The spool rebuilds its contents over the course of a day. Users may need to remove and re-subscribe to the groups in their newsreaders in order to view the new spool. 2. What's NEW at GST?: GST Hawaii Online is now V.90 capable on four of Hawaii's islands (Hawaii, Molokai, Maui, Oahu). GST's Kauai and Lanai facilities will be upgraded to V.90 in the near future. The V.90 technology is a new modem standard that allows 56K access using either X2 or Flex technology. If you already have an X2 or Flex modem, it is possible to obtain a flash upgrade for your modem. These flash upgrades can be found on your modem manufacturer's web site. Here are some common manufacturers with information about V90 on their web sites:: Cardinal Practical Peripherals 3 COM, US Robotics 3. Classic Aloha Vacations about GST Hawaii Online Cathy Zedel writes: "This is the first time I have told anybody "the story" [See #4 On the Planet]-- I wanted to share it with you, GST Hawaii OnLine because we have gone through growth and expansion problems together- I would never even consider another provider because I get great service from you- great Tech support too and I feel your rates are excellent. We use GST's long distance service on all our phone lines and are ecstatic over the incredible savings we enjoy....our former service charged over twice as much! A "clink" of the champagne glass to you, HOL- for helping me make my business grow." 4. On the Planet Be sure to check out what's new this month Classic Aloha Vacations's Story >From Cathy Zedel's story: "Don't buy into the "doom-and-gloom" economy predictions for Kauai" As we all know and remember, Hurricane Iniki blasted this beautiful island apart on September 11, 1992. When the dust settled, so to speak, my husband and I felt lucky because we had a house but-neither of us had jobs (like almost everybody here!) Hmmm....what to do?? A travel client suggested I become his wholesale travel supplier for Hawaii. Even though I knew basically nothing about the wholesale travel business, I registered Classic Aloha Vacations and on January 6, 1993, I started doing business manually with one client and one resort on a spreadsheet. In 1998 Classic Aloha Vacations representED 88 resorts on 5 islands and will do in excess of $1.5 million in sales. When I started the business I really had no computer skills so I bought a Mac and taught myself to use it (with a lot of help from patient friends). A year went by and I bought a faster, more powerful Mac, new office equipment and my first modem. I realized it was time to put up a web site. GST Hawaii Online's Liz Hahn-Morin sold me a commercial account and the site, built by designer Bill Britt, went up in July of 1996. Besides the web site, we provide all Hawaii packages for one of the major travel areas on America Online where there is a banner hyperlink to my site. Bill Britt has just finished a totally revamped Classic Aloha Vacations page at Please take a look. 5. This Month on Oahu Pictured at Sixteen year old sophomore (soon to be junior) at Damien High School, Benjamin Weaver's web site is dedicated to the more unnoticed and fascinating aspects of Oahu. Current articles include The Makapu'u Lighthouse, The H-3 Tunnels (sure, everyone knows about the H-3, but do they know about what goes on 2 miles below the mountain?), The Stairway to Heaven, The upcoming Zipper Lane on the H-1, and the Maunawili Demonstration Trail. There is also a weekly "Pic page" with a new picture from somewhere on Oahu each week. You'll find TONS of pictures of the different locations and all sorts of interesting and useful facts. Benjamin says, "Tourists will benefit greatly by learning about places to visit when they travel here, and an upcoming area entitled Tourist Track is currently under work, but even those who have lived in Hawaii all their lives are sure to find this page interesting." Suffering from Road Rage? Dr. Leon James, Prof. of Psychology, Univ. of Hawaii, offers useful and entertaining information about driving psychology ( that will keep you from Driving Yourself Crazy. According to Dr. James, "About 100 people visit my site every day. About 1 in 10 leave an e-mail message for DrDriving giving their reaction to the information or asking some driving psychology questions. It's obvious that a lot of people are very concerned about aggressive drivers and road rage. I put up a lot of helpful materials to show people how to do a Driving Personality Makeover using methods of self-modification which I know from my specialty field." Over 15,000 visitors, many of whom are reporters and students writing stories or reports about road rage, have visited, and Dr. James has received over 100 interview calls during the past year. Let us know your web site success story. If you have a site that you think the GST Hawaii Online subscribers would like to know about, please email and tell us about it. 6. Check out the Magic Island Magic Island ( is Planet Hawaii's digital learning center based on traditional Hawaiian Culture and focusing on the famous Kumulipo Chant. Visit Magic Island's Black Hawk Gallery, 'IO, a presentation of the Hale Nau‰ III Society of Hawaiian Artists. Currently on exhibit is MAUI Turning Back the Sky, a collection of art works that toured extensively in the western region of the United States. Maui is an ancestor to all the Polynesians of the vast Pacific Ocean. 7. Some Good Reasons to Host your Site on Planet-Hawaii ..Commercial web sites are hosted on a Sun UltraSparc II commercial server using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that allows for encrypted data between the user and the server. ..Planet-Hawaii, rich in Hawaiiana and visited by over 60,000 people monthly worldwide, lists your web site in three categories on the site's search engine. ..On the Planet, you may use your domain name as your URL (Universal Record Locator), aka web address. For example: ..The Planet-Hawaii web server accommodates custom cgi (common gateway interface) routines to facilitate special web capabilities. ..The Planet provides powerful web statistics to count visits to your site and individual pages to measure your effectiveness. Reports also show where in the world the visitors are coming from. ..The Planet offers steaming audio and video from RealMedia that improves the delivery of multimedia files to your site's visitors.. ..GST Hawaii Online's web team builds beautiful and effective web sites and can provide the experience and know-how you need to launch your commercial site. Some of our customers have asked why GST discourages commercial web site hosting on the web server. With only 5Mb of web space available with every dialup account, no SSL, and limited cgi scripts, the server is meant for personal web pages only. Most companies today also want a domain name as their web address (this is a permanent web address, no matter where the site actually resides). Our commercial customers pay $75 a month and receive a dialup account as well as 10 MB of space on our dedicated web server and web stats. Our web servers are backed up daily and monitored 24x7 to insure reliability and the best connectivity to the Internet. To talk to someone about your needs for hosting or our development services, please email or call 791-3000 from Oahu or 800-733-5638 from the neighbor islands. 8. A tip for our customers about BILLING We've added an account number to your bill from GST. Our new billing system insists on it, and we think it's a good idea, too! You'll see this number on every bill you get from GST whether you receive the bill electronically or via snail mail (post office). Would you please do us the favor of using the account number when you make an inquiry about your bill. Putting the account number on your check would be greatly appreciated as well. Mahalo. 9. Tell us your story. If your web site is hosted on Planet Hawaii or and has content that you think would be of interest to GST Hawaii OnLine subscribers, we invite you to send us an email. Just tell us a little bit about the site and some background about your Internet experiences. Email our editor at Let us know what you'd like to see in the GST Hawaii OnLine HOL o' Gram.Email

Mahalo for being a customer of GST Hawaii OnLine.