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Specials and Past Articles

The H-3 Underground
A detailed report on the H-3 Tunnels on Oahu. See how these engineering wonders were built and the technology used to run them. Complete with dozens of pictures.
The Stairway to Heaven
An article, writen by a US Coast Guard officer, on the Haiku Stairs. A few pictures, but a very in depth report. If you plan on hiking the stairs, read this first.
The Zipper Lane
Check out the newest feature on Oahu's highway system. Contraflow to the next level.
The Maunawili Demonstration (Pali) Trail
One of Oahu's most scenic trails. Read about it here before you hike it.
The Makapu'u Lighthouse
Information on one of the windward side's most famous landmarks. See what's happened to it, and why it so badly needs to be preserved. Lots of pictures and great information.
Special Features
Bulletin Favorites
My favorite articles taken from the Star Bulletin, one of Hawaii's best newspapers.
Tourist Track
Tons of stuff to do on Oahu, all a lot cheaper than you'd expect. The ultimate resource for visitors and locals alike.
Trail Head
Before you start your hike, be sure and stop by Trail Head and take a look at our featured trail.
Oahu Cams
Take a look at some live views of The Gathering Place.
An Oahu Christmas
Take a candlelit tour on Christmas Eve, run in a marathon, or just plain stroll through the Christmas decorations at Honolulu Hale. Celebrate the holidays island style.