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Around Oahu was created entirely for those who are sick and tired of pages with no style, no content, no color, and no LIFE! I hope that we've acheived this goal.

Thanks to...


Contact Information

Page Editor - Benjamin Weaver -
ICQ: 3932806 | AIM: Avenir X


Around Oahu was created entirely with

Claris Homepage 3.0, Adobe GoLive 4.0, and SimpleText by

And is best viewed at at least 640X480-with lots of colors-by at least Netscape 3.x or Internet Explorer 4.x. Fonts: Verdana, Arial, and Times (Arial is also the switchover font if you do not have Verdana)

Around Oahu was exclusively
on a PowerBook G3 and a Power Macintosh 5260/120 and on a Blueberry iMac.

How do I see Around Oahu? On a PBG3-266Mhz, 14" LCD, 1024X768, millions of colors, Netscape Comm 4.7

Thanks to: Andrew-for the ideas, Mr. Siddall-for the inspiration, Mrs. Magner-for the report, Jon-for the criticism, and Sean-for finding the mistakes, and to The Star Bulletin, and all those who helped contribute to this page. And, of course, thanks to the shrews...

Additional thanks: Mr. Bill, Hotline, Mr. Guerzon, Mr. Roos, Justin, and Hung.

Dedicated to: All my ACS friends that have come and gone


Copyright Information

All information and images on Around Oahu and Physics Online were created by me and my permission is required if you wish to reuse any of it. Otherwise, the information or graphics are being used with permission from someone or somewhere else and you are expected to follow their copyright rules as well.