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Index of Past Weekly Pictures

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  • Kailua Beach
    Voted one of Oahu's best beachest, and one of the best in the country
  • Central Union Church
    A truly magestic looking church, along with it's nearby neighbor
  • Cove at Ko Olima
    Who says golf courses can't be scenic? Check out this beautiful cove...
  • Steel Garden
    These "enhancements" protect the trees, and make the view a little more interesting
  • Honolulu from Diamond Head
    Downtown to Central Oahu...all from Diamond Head
  • Ko'olau Mountains
    A large scale view of the Ko'olaus from the Maunawili Demonstration Trail
  • U.S.S. Missouri
    Newly moved to Pearl Harbor, the 'Mighty Mo' towers of the USS Arizona Memorial
  • Kaena Point Nature Reserve
    The end of the earth? Well, this peaceful setting is the end of the island...
  • Waikiki Beach
    Need we say more?
  • North Shore Museum
    Well, the admission is gonna be pretty cheap, but stop on by anyway...
  • Waimea Bay
    Another Oahu lankmark, complete with river, beach, waves, and a big old rock
  • Downtown Honolulu Park
    Not quite a park in Honolulu's Business District, but it's as close as you'll get...sit by the fountain and take a load off
  • Koko Head from Makapu'u
    Not many people see Koko Head from this angle...but it's worth the hike
  • Honolulu Hale
    Oahu's City Hall, bustling year round
  • Ko'olau Mountains
    Another spectacular view of the Ko'olaus, this time from somewhere in the back area of Waimanalo
  • Halona Blowhole
    Popular tourist locale...stop by on your trip around the Southeast Shore
  • Hawaiian Regent
    One of Honolulu's grandest hotels, complete with a small forest out front
  • Sacred Falls
    Once one of Hawaii's top hiking spots, the now-closed trail is still just as beautiful as ever.
  • Fish Pond
    Not sure where it is, but take a look anyway.
    ED Note: A visitor to the site pointed out that it looks like a fish pond near Chinaman's Hat. Thanks.